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Our Mission

At Neighborhood National our mission is to make exclusive golf easily accessible to everyone. ​With a twist on the sharing economy, we help turn high-end simulators into a fun and laid-back clubs right there in the neighborhood... or the office, maybe community space of an apartment building, or extra space in a warehouse.  We don't care if the space is fancy, so long as it can fit a fancy simulator. Our Members get unlimited access to world class technology for a fraction of the cost to own.  Our Club Pros (hosts) get a high-end sim that will pay for itself.  While everyone in the club enjoys hassle-free golf with an unmatched combination of convenience, affordability, and most importantly the fun that comes with the community we build.​ We aim to become the world's largest private golf club... ...that literally anyone can belong to.

Our vision

Become the largest private golf club in the world… ...that literally anyone can belong to.​ Games, contests, leagues, and tournaments. ​ Instruction.  Fitness.  Networking and fun.​ While we aspire to grow the traditional game through our success.  There is nothing you can get with the traditional game that we won’t look to provide in time within Neighborhood National.​ All minutes from your house.  All high-end.  All a fraction of the cost you’d traditionally pay. We’ll deliver this experience in various ways.  One of which will be trusted partnerships that we will continually summarize below.  Feel free to contact us with questions or reach out to our partners directly.

Neighborhood National no. 1

In 2022 our founder (Jeff) mentioned to his wife that he was thinking about putting a nice simulator in the garage and seeing if the neighborhood would be interested in using it.

Her response… “OK, that sounds good.”  And Neighborhood National No. 1 was born.  In a crummy garage.  With a nice sim.  In the Sunset Hills neighborhood of Greensboro, NC.

With clear neighborhood interest here and elsewhere, we are expanding and look forward to adding Neighborhood National to the list of great ideas that started in a crummy garage. 


Our partners

Ace logo.png

ace indoor golf

Simulator Supply, Installation, and Support

One of the largest players in simulator supply, Ace brings over 18 years of industry leading experience. 


Vertically integrated and staffing one of the largest installation and support teams in the industry, Ace is also unmatched on the number of high-end systems they are able to supply and support in the US. 

We're excited to have Ace as our official partner and recommended supplier for all things simulator install.  Happy to directly introduce you or provide no-cost coordination on your behalf if easier and preferred.

Checkr logo.png


Background Checks

As a members only club, with memberships limited and made up of golfers who live and work nearby, our approach is set up to inherently mitigate the understandable "stranger danger" concerns.  

Separately, we enforce a strict "1 strike and you're out" policy for all members, and prior to joining members must pass a background check conducted by Checkr as part of our application process.  


From Uber, to DoorDash, to Kimpton Hotels, Checkr supports background checks for over 15K companies making it a leader in the industry and great partner to help ensure the safety, security, and peace of mind for our neighborhood.

MMA logo.png

Marsh mclennan agency


Accidents happen, that's a fact of life.

While your property insurance should cover all incidence related to personal use of your simulator (you will need to confirm), our partnership with Marsh McLennan will make sure that the same protection is in place for any incidence involving Neighborhood National members and their guests.


MMA is the world's leading business insurance provider.  They understand the unique nature of the Neighborhood National network and created a unique program to remove the hassle along with the worry.  By streamlining the process and allowing us to bundle insurance coverage into the monthly NN admin fee, we can ensure that proper coverage is in place without our Club Pros needing to worry about it.

Uschedule logo.png


Membership and Booking Management

There are countless scheduling and booking management options that exist.

There are few that exist with the knowledge and know-how unique to running a golf simulator business.

There is one that exists with that knowledge and experience in supporting the management of multi-location businesses.

USchedule is a leader in the industry supporting the leaders of the industry - including Topgolf and X-Golf.  Excited to have them in the neighborhood, we have partnered to create a unique platform allowing us to provide customized memberships by location, with the ability to easily manage membership across all locations.  In short, a perfect partner to make sure that membership, booking, and finance management are nothing our Club Pros need to worry about.

Golf Genius logo.png

Golf genius

Game Management

By allowing simulators across manufacturers to be part of Neighborhood National we aim to be flexible in who can be part of the club.  However, our approach creates a challenge to manage contests, leagues, and tournaments that span software.

Challenge solved with our Golf Genius partnership and the program they tailored to accommodate the difference in our model vs green grass clubs. 


A leader in all things golf operations software - golfers will be most familiar with Golf Genius for their industry leading league and tournament management platform providing players easy access to contest info and real time leaderboard visibility.  

With GG part of the neighborhood, our members will have real time access to any and all of the fun that we will manage across all clubs - regardless of the location, type of space, and most importantly the type of simulator they might be playing on.


The par project

Golf Fitness

Created by two TPI certified fitness pros with a passion for golf and desire to help golfers of all ages and skill level feel better, play better, and play longer.

Removing the technical jargon and endless burpees, Neighborhood National members can begin with complimentary access to an easy to follow Golf Fitness Starter Guide helping kick off their fitness journey. From there members will receive 2 free weeks of the advanced program complete with access to the mobile app, customized workouts, and getting plugged into the Par Project community.

SIGN UP HERE to learn more.

Meet NATE and LEE, great guys who have partnered in creation of the Par Project.

Our team

Jeff Testa

"Head Pro" (Founder and CEO)

A husband, father, and avid golfer.

Jeff brings over 17 years high performing executive experience in a fortune 500 organization spanning marketing, sales, and business development leadership roles across multiple business units, global geographies, and teams of all size.


Eager to turn a passion into a career, the ability to combine capitalist ambition with the altruistic opportunity to help solve some of golf's biggest challenges led Jeff to transition from the corporate world to startup life... out of his own garage... on a mission to make the game easy to access, affordable, and inclusive.

TestA FAmily

"Angel Investors"

Far from a Facebook post, Neighborhood National started out of the family garage and family support is the primary reason we have come to be.


Julia: unofficial "Chairwoman of the Board", wife, best friend, and extremely patient with the family golf passion


Maddie: swimmer, artist, actress, second only to mom in patience for the family golf passion

Tommy: soccer player, golfer, started beating dad consistently on the course at the age of 9

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