Start Your Own Golf Simulator Club

We make starting your own club is easy to do and a ton of fun - it even pays for itself!
club pro basics

If it fits, we hits

Our biggest requirement is a launch monitor that can track every shot in your bag, every time.

Space Requirements

Space requirements can range from a modest 12x16x9 DIY setup costing as low as $5K, to more luxurious setups exceeding $25K.

While a bathroom is not required, it is essential to have a secure separation between the club and your residence for privacy and safety.

Additionally, ensure there is safe, self-serve access for members to enter and exit the club independently.

Simulator Setup

We only accept high-end simulators, starting at the Foresight GC3 or Bushnell Launch Pro, ensuring top-quality golfing experiences.

Operational Expectations

Residential clubs target 20 members, while commercial clubs aim for 25. You can expect 2-3 daily tee times to ample access for all members.

Membership Plans

Membership fees range from $50-$100 per month depending on space, setup, and location. All plans offer unlimited use and guests.

Return on Investment

Focus on community and enjoyment. Achieve ROI within 2 years, with a setup that is easy to manage and provides ample personal use.

club examples

Residential, Commercial, Amenity Clubs Too

Clubs look different from across the street, once inside they're all the same.

our services

Making golf dreams come true

There are a ton of options out there to choose from. We've learned a lot from the club pro's we have helped already and can't wait to pass that along to you.

Simulator Sourcing
Setup Consultations
Business Entity Assistance
Insurance Coordination
Member Vetting
Background Checks
Onboarding Assistance
Booking Management
Dues Collection
Tech Support
Ongoing Community Managment
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