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With roots in North Carolina, we're not limited by geography. In fact, we have new clubs in various stages of discussion from California to Texas, and up the East Coast. We would love to connect if interested in starting a club of your own regardless of where you're located. A garage, shed, conference room at work, or spare space in a warehouse can all be perfect for a club. We don't care that the space is fancy, so long as it's safe, secure, and can fit a fancy simulator.

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CUSTOM gc3 BUILD: $20k

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Golf simulator landscape


Less than $1K

Primarily a distance measuring device


Less than $10K

Full simulator, video game feel, less accurate



Full simulator, high accuracy across all clubs and metrics


Custom Pricing ($50K+)

Comparable accuracy, more features, custom design, white glove service


Neighborhood National Basic club overview

  • ​High-end (and up) simulators only

  • High-end defined as Foresight GC3/Uneekor QED and up

  • Entry point startup costs are ~$15K including admin

    • Costs can be lowered with a phased DIY approach​

  • Key Metrics (basic garage club):

    • Membership size: 15-20​

    • Daily tee times: Avg ~2

    • Dues: Avg $65-$70 per month

Membership plans are flexible based on geography and club pro preference.  Suggest a max of 25 per residential bay and 30 per bay at commercial clubs.

At 2 tee times per day Club Pros are easily able to use the sim as much as they like.

The Neighborhood National admin fee is $150 per month covering all support services.  The Fee is flat regardless of membership size to ensure Club Pros maximize their return.

NN Support includes: 

  • Up front consultation

  • Insurance management

  • Club Marketing 

  • Background checks

  • Member onboarding

  • Booking management

  • dues management

  • Games, tourneys, leagues management


How does insurance work?​

We have a custom insurance policy supported by the world's largest business insurer and created specifically for Neighborhood National.  Broadly described, it is a $1M umbrella that covers property damage (equipment and facility) and personal injury to members and member guests. We can easily coordinate and even add-on to your monthly Neighborhood National admin fee if you like for ease of management.

​Do I want strangers using my garage or backyard shed?

A matter of personal preference, club ownership might not be right for everyone - particularly recognizing that other family members will have input.  Below are a few factors to consider...​ Airbnb is the first and most obvious reference - Our approach by design aims to largely mitigate concern.  We are a members only club. We do not offer "pay for play" so you will always be able to meet everyone that will use your club. We expect clubs will average between 15-20 members and about 2 tee times a day. It will not be +50 people coming and going constantly.  It's a small number of people, that likely live within blocks of you, that like golf, that you will get to know in a short period of time. We conduct a background check on all applicants that screens for theft, assault, and sexual offenses before anyone is accepted. And members agree to a "1 strike and you're out" policy.  They are asked (expected) to treat the club as if it were their own.  If they choose not to at any point their membership will be terminated.

​How often will people be coming and going from my garage?

Experience tells us that a garage club with 15-20 members will average right about 2 tee times a day. Overall, there is not a constant flow of traffic.

How does the sim pay for itself, how does that math work?

At a high level it’s an upfront investment of ~$15K with a 2 payback covering all club startup costs and ongoing operating expenses including the $150 monthly Neighbohood National admin fee. After that you should be looking at ~$5K in passive income. Please contact us for a more detailed walkthrough. We would be happy to discuss and answer questions. Each club/owner’s circumstance will vary depending on their preference of simulator and membership plan. Separately, tax implications will vary pending personal circumstance and preference in how equipment depreciation is managed. Club Pros should consult their CPA to determine the approach most appropriate for them.

Can commercial space be used for a club?

Yes! Any type of space can be used. Our priority is providing safe, secure, and convenient access to world class golf technology. From there, we are excited about the limitless options where clubs can be located. Garages or sheds, office space, apartment buildings, or warehouse space. Grade A real estate or grade D real estate. Clubs may certainly have very nice ammenities but they do not have to - so long as they deliver safe and convenient access to the best simulators in the world.

Can I customize my club hours, operation, and pricing?

Yes! If you are interested in providing safe and convenient member-based access to a world class golf simulator we are easily able to customize a membership program tailored to your preference. We recognize that an uninsulated shed in the middle of North Carolina will provide a different experience than 24/7 access to a climate controlled club with full short game, simulator, and access to professional instruction in Western Michigan. Similar, both are different than a club in downtown Manhattan. We are glad to work with you on the pricing and membership structure you would like.

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