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No club nearby?

Let us know you're interested in a future membership. Every new idea starts with a first step, and ours was in Greensboro, North Carolina. Expansion is now under way spanning both residential and commercial spaces with conversations taking place coast-to-coast. If interested in a membership outside of our existing locations let us know using the Future Member Interest link below. There is no obligation. Then tell your friends and help spread the word. Whether a garage, shed, a conference room at the office, or spare storage in the back of a warehouse, all are perfect for a club. The space doesn't need to be fancy, so long as it will fit a fancy sim, and the faster we find someone interested in a club of their own the faster we can bring Neighborhood National to a neighborhood near you.

Applying for membership

Step 1:

Review our Membership Rules.  

Step 2:

Membership plans, pricing, and applications are managed specific to each club.  Visit the landing page of the club you're interested in joining using the Fina a Club feature above to review and apply.


Step 3:

We will confirm your location and availability.  Pending availability there will be a $50 initiation fee to conduct a background check screening for theft, assault, and sexual offenses.


Step 4:

Once approved, you will receive a email confirming approval for access to purchase a membership plan. 


Step 5:

After purchasing a Membership Plan you will receive a welcome email with club overview information and we will coordinate an introduction with our local Club Pro. 


Step 6:

Book your first tee time and enjoy!  

Membership Rules

Please review our membership agreement rules as outlined below while you consider applying for membership.  In addition to having these rules in place, a Membership Agreement as well as a Release and Waiver of Liability will need to be signed prior to acceptance.


As a rule we are a laid back, accommodating, and inclusive club.  These rules are in place to make sure we deliver on this promise and that the communities we are part of continue to welcome the value our clubs provide.  

  • I will treat the club, owner's property, neighbors, and neighborhood as if they are my own.

  • I understand security cameras will film me while I am at the club.

  • I will adhere to the booking rules set for each type of membership.  If I am found to have broken the rules I acknowledge that my membership will be terminated without refund.

  • In the event it is found that I (or my guests) have acted in a disorderlymanner at the club or in the surrounding neighborhood I acknowledge my membership will be terminated without refund.

  • I acknowledge that membership termination without refund occurs on the first violation - I will not receive a warning or second chance. 

Member Agreement Rules
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